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Behavioral Health

At Three Rivers Medical Center, we offer behavioral health services designed to treat emotional and psychiatric conditions. The goal is to provide a supportive environment to enable individuals to learn how to cope with the problems and pressures they face.

The 19-bed unit has a long history of providing care for thousands of adults and geriatrics throughout the region. We are staffed by a psychiatrist, medical doctor, program director, nursing director, social workers, activities therapists, registered nurses and certified nursing assistants

Services include:

  • 24-hour Emergency and Crisis Services
  • Community Education
  • Free, Confidential Screening to Determine Appropriate Treatment or Disposition
  • Inpatient Treatment Program (ages 18 and up)
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Medical Detox (Drug and Alcohol): call the crisis number at 1-800-249-3602

Crisis stabilization is also offered through an approach that includes:

  • Family Therapy
  • Group and Individual Psychotherapy
  • Medication Administration
  • Patient Education
  • Recreation Therapy
  • Thorough Assessments
  • Thorough Discharge Planning


Where There’s Help, There’s Hope

We've all had days when we felt down and nothing seems to go right. Faced with sometimes overwhelming demands, we all cope with daily situations that can lead to feelings of confusion, inadequacy, failure or hopelessness. If those bad days outnumber the good ones, and...

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Medical Detox for Drugs or Alcohol

Medical Detox for Drugs or Alcohol

Making the road to recovery a little bit smoother. "I need help." These three words can be difficult to say, especially for someone dealing with a substance use disorder. But at Three Rivers Medical Center, we understand, and we're here to make things a little easier....